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  • Return To Work Agreement Extended Through January 16, 2022 For Motion Picture
    Updated On: Dec 03, 2021

    The IATSE and the AMPTP have agreed to extend the RTW through January 16, 2022. Please notify your BAs with input on changes/issues you would like addressed in the negotiations for a revised RTW as soon as possible. As with our other Agreements, we are looking to members for input as to what changes we should advocate for on your behalf in a revised RTW Agreement.

    Please read thru the Summary to get the highlights of the updated RTW. The full RTW may be found under the Covid-19 Return To Work tab on our website.

    Please alert your Business Agents if you have safety concerns in the workplace.

    Be Well!

    IATSE Summary of Tentative Revised and Extended COVID-19 Return to Work Agreement

    Term & Effective Date: The Revised and Extended COVID-19 Return to Work Agreement is effective July 19, 2021 and expires on January 16, 2022.

    Agreement Structure:

    Part I contains stricter protocols that always apply outside the US and Canada and apply within the US Canada when COVID risk is high according to the below triggers. Part I is triggered if the covid transmission rate (aka “r-naught”) is above 1.1 for a 7 consecutive day period and the new case count is at or above 10 per 100,000 for that same period. This is determined per the applicable metropolitan area or county, if there is no applicable metropolitan area, or Province for Canada.

    Part II contains less-strict protocols that apply when the below triggers are not met and COVID risk is therefore not as high.

    Also included are new periodic testing protocols which adjust testing schedules to acknowledge those who are vaccinated as well as adjusting for areas where infection rates are higher.

    Producers may in their discretion implement policies requiring that current and prospective employees in Zone A, studio teachers and others who come into close contact with minors be “fully vaccinated” as a condition of employment where permitted by law.


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