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We invite all qualified crew working in Motion Picture, Commercial & Digital Media Production in the Local 488 jurisdiction to join our Referral List.

IATSE Local 488, Studio Mechanics of the Pacific Northwest (About Us), represents crew in over 20 Crafts in Motion Picture (Television, Film & Streaming) and Commercial production. We also cover limited Crafts in Live Theatre.

We make this list available to employers and Department Heads looking to fill open positions on union productions when no Local 488 members are available.


  • You have lived in Oregon, Washington, Montana to Northern Idaho less than the 18 months required to become a full member.
  • You have less than the 30 on-set days needed to qualify for membership.
  • You want to gain more first-hand experience before deciding to join.
  • You are saving up for full membership.
  • There is NO FEE to join the Referral List.

You must be a permanent resident of Oregon, Washington, Montana or Northern Idaho. (New residents are welcome!), and,

  • Have a minimum of three paid jobs in one of our Covered Crafts, or equivalent.


  • Be a member in good standing of IATSE Stagecraft Locals 28 (Portland) or 15 (Seattle)
  • Be a member in good standing of another IATSE Motion Picture Local (Hollywood or ASA)

  • Submit a new form every Quarter with an updated resume.
    • Quarters begin on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1
    • Old listings are deleted at the end of each quarter.
  • Submit a Work Notification: Referral List Only form as soon as you are hired for any work in Motion Picture, Commercial, or other Digital Media Production within the Local 488 jurisdiction.
  • Send us a call sheet or crew list as soon as you have one. Upload to the Notification form or email to either Business Agent at northernba@iatse488.org or southernba@iatse488.org.

Have more questions about benefits (NBF) or IATSE Local 488? See our BenefitsJoin Us, and About Us pages.


Complete and submit the form below. Have PDFs of the following files and documents ready to upload:

  • Proof of experience (REQUIRED): a current, verifiable resume of paid industry work (PDF only).
    • Include Craft or job title and date of the production.
    • Resume must include your current contact information (address, email, and phone number).
  • Training: Any certifications, licenses and training relevant to your Craft (e.g., A1, A2, OSHA 10, Forklift, Mobile Lift, First Aid etc.)
  • If you are a member of another IATSE Local: Your current Membership Card with stamps.

You will receive a notification when your listing has been approved or denied. Processing time is usually a few days but can be up to four weeks.

We look forward to working with you!

First Name *
Last Name *
Email *
Mobile Phone *
Mailing Address
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Crafts *
If you have experience in more than one Craft, please submit a separate listing.
Resume *
REQUIRED: A current, verifiable resume of industry experience.
488 Member Reference
Do you have a current Local 488 member as a reference?
IMDb Link
Other IA *
Are you a current member of another IATSE Motion Picture local?
IA D1 *
Are you a current member of an IATSE District 1 Local?
Upload both sides of your membership card from your current local, with up-to date stamps -OR- a letter from your Local stating that you are in Good Standing.
Certifications and Training
Certifications, licenses, and training related to your Craft (i.e: Equipment Certs; EMT/Medical, etc.) and training. Upload documents below.
Additional Work Experience
Call sheets, pay stubs, or other documentation of union days.
Additional Comments
Details about your residency (e.g., just moved, under 18 months, permanent resident), any industry experience days accrued, additional experience, etc. Please keep brief.

IATSE Local 488
5105 SW 45th Ave #204
Portland, OR 97221
  (503) 232-1523

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