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Anonymous Safety/Health & Negative Working ConditionsReporting

Anonymous Safety & Health Reporting:

The purpose of this form is to provide a way for you, our members to anonymously report health and safety issues in our workplaces including, but not limited to:

  • hazards
  • safety issues
  • harassment
  • intimidation
  • bullying
  • contract grievances
  • employee misclassification/1099 jobs.

IATSE Local 488 is here to support our entire industry ecosystem, whether Union or non-union, with response to issues which may negatively impact crew working in our Covered Crafts

Along with reporting on this form , if you are comfortable, we ask that you attempt to resolve the issue through channels within the production. And, again if you are comfortable, you should notify the Stewards on the job as well as the Business Agent so that the Union is aware of your situation and may provide support. The order of contact/reporting should follow this line of reporting:

  • If immediate danger or if its an emergency situation, get with AD/Production Representative
  • Department Head or Asst./Best
  • Steward & Business Agent
  • Production Rep: UPM/Line Producer
  • Covid Compliance staff- if it is a Covid related concern
  • Medic- if it is a situation requiring  first aid or other medical action

Also  with our contract work we would like to know  and have the ability to monitor working conditions that negatively affect you including:

  • excessive long work days
  • consecutive excessive work days
  • meal penalties/ lack of, or delayed meal breaks
  • forced calls/turn around issues

If we don't have a field in the form for your issue please text your BA so we may add this to the form.

Please provide as many details as possible if you are emailing, texting, or leaving a phone message so that the BA may work effectively to resolve your issue and provide you with support and resources.

Important Notes:

  • If you are comfortable, please identify yourself by name. Your name will be kept anonymous, but knowing who has been affected allows the BA to follow up with the member for more details as needed.
  • If you want to remain completely anonymous you do not have to leave your name or contact info.
  • The filled-in form is sent to the IATSE 488 BAs via email with only the personal identifying information you feel comfortable providing.
  • All messages are retrieved by the Business Agents and will be investigated within 24 hours.
  • You may upload a call sheet as additional info when submitting this form.

Report Form:Message Reason (Select One):

Date of work of incident or negative working condition: 

Your name (not required):

Your email &/or Phone (not required):

Production/Show Name:  

Production Company/ Producer Name: 

Production/Producer Phone & Email: 

Production Location (City, State): 

Date(s) of Incident/Occurence: 

InjuryReport ( please report your type of injury and date. You need not list any personally identifying info as we are simply trying to track injuries.) 

Extensive Work Hours ( please list date and hours worked if over 12 hours) 

Meal Penalties (please note how many penalties for this particular day worked) 

Additonal notes, description of issue, and any actions you have taken to address this: 



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