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REMINDER: New, Required COVID-19 Prevention Training For All Work Under IATSE Contracts
Updated On: Aug 24, 2021

As part of the Return To Work Agreements recently negotiated with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers) and the AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers), the IATSE has negotiated required COVID-19 prevention training in order to ensure that our workforce can return to work safely. This 45 minute, online course will provide you with an overview of the types of safety protocols to expect to help keep you safe as you return to work. This course has been optimized for completion on a mobile device or smartphone, as well as a desktop computer, for added convenience.

This is meant to be paid training ($20) so if you have work upcoming or are on a job currently there are a couple options employers have for payment:

  • Employers pay a pre-employment Covid-19 testing stipend for up to 4 hours of time needed for travel outside your home for testing or to ship your test.
    • Covid-19 testing stipend is $250 for Motion Picture projects or $175 for Commercial projects
    • The employer can include the C-19 training time as part of the pre-employment testing time and you are not owed anything additonal.The employer can include the C-19 training time as part of the pre-employment testing time and you are not owed anything additonal.
    • If your times spent testing for Covid-19 is 4 hours or more OR  you should receive $20 for completing the Covid-19 training
  • You may take the test on your own and show proof of Covid-19 training to your next employer who should pay you $20 stipend in your first check (employers still may lump this into the stipend for Covid-19 pre-employment testing as long as you don't spend more than 3 hours on Covid-19 testing.)

Everyone Working In Motion Picture & TV/Streaming & Commercials Should  Sign Up and

Take This Training Before Work or As Soon As Possible

IATSE wold like all workers to sign up and complete this course by 

This course “C19 COVID 19 Prevention” was developed by Contract Services Administration Trust Fund. You will need to take the course through the IATSE Training Trust Fund.  This is a different course than the TTF Safety First! course you may have already taken. If you already have a TTF Contract Services portal account (the one you used to take your A, A2 and HP courses),  the course is already there. Just log in to your existing account and complete the course before you report back to work. 

If you still need a CSATF portal account so you can take the required C19 course, apply for one as soon as possible using the link below. Register your account as soon as you receive your PIN and take the course before you report to work.   Please do not share the link with anyone outside your local or post it to any social media. When you click on the link you will be directed to an online application.


Please contact your Business Agents with questions and/or for more info. 

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