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Membership Voter Turnout Survey
Updated On: Feb 43, 2022

Greetings IATSE Local 488 Siblings,   

It’s a couple of months into 2022, and a little over a month since the General Election, and we want to hear from you, the Local 488 Membership!

The newly-elected members of the Executive Board are working as much as we can to learn how best to represent the Membership body. We’ve had a ton of ideas (mostly from our interactions with many of you), and first up is the Voter Turnout Survey - Local 488 that we composed. The survey has been a joint effort between your new E-Board and incumbents. This survey is looking for your observations, experiences, and suggestions in regards to the last three votes and how we can engage with you better. We recognize that your time is limited and precious, and sometimes the last thing anyone wants is to spend time filling out a document. As such, here’s the brief:

Survey Details

  • This survey process is designed to take 3-10 minutes, although you can take as long as you want to complete it.

  • The survey is entirely anonymous by default to ensure you feel you can give honest, candid feedback.

  • This survey will not be considered closed until we have received feedback from at least 60% of the Membership. To do this, the E-Board members involved will be personally engaging with you via text (and some email) reminders to encourage providing your feedback.

  • The questions are mostly multiple choice, but we give the opportunity to respond in your own words and encourage it.

Additional Notes

  • There is a “Companion Survey” on the very last page of “Voter Turnout” that you’ll need to fill out to make sure we know you’ve responded already and can remove you from the reminder list. 

  • The Companion Survey only asks for your email and cell number, plus an “opt-out” button should you choose not to participate. It can also be filled at a later date if you wish.

The surveys are hyperlinked within the paragraphs above where they're mentioned, as well as listed below:

Fill this one out first:

1. Voter Turnout Survey - Local 488 - https://forms.gle/kFgGuV9snG8ucYhC8

Then this one:

2. Voter Turnout Companion Survey - https://forms.gle/QTBcdPrUp6ZQDw6X6

Ultimately, we want to get feedback from you on more topics, but this feels like a good place to start. You are also more than welcome to reach out to any of us if you have questions or want clarification. 

In Solidarity,

Members of the Local 488 Executive Board:

Claire Amadea, Julián “Griz” Grijalva, Tiffany Ayers, Chris Lewis 

Meg Schmitt, Luce Cousineau, Lisa B. Hammond, Mike Vukas

Bruce Lawson, Rebecca Cook, Linda Bloom

Melissa Purcell, cdavid cottrill

IATSE Local 488
5105 SW 45th Ave #204
Portland, OR 97221
  (503) 232-1523

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